Our First STORY TIME at Queen Anne Book Company was AMAZING!

The Super Hero Eco TIPS

Ready to be an Eco Super Hero?

Super Hero Tip #1

Ditch One time Use Plastic Straws


500 million plastic straws are thrown away daily in the U.S. alone.

Let’s FIX the problem:

Carry awesome reusable straws like Klean Kanteen steel straws with you everywhere.  Put one in your bag, your car, your desk at work.  Refuse plastic straws wherever you are offered one!  Change can happen!

The Super Hero Story

What we are up too!

Our Super Heroes are traveling the country in search of fun and adventures.  They pause often to protect what they care about and fight for the planet they love!

Follow along for the fun and what the Super Heroes discover along the way.  Oh and be sure to look for the first book in print on AMAZON or through our favorite local book store, Queen Anne Book Company (link below).  


Follow along as we get to know The Amazing Super Oscar and The Incredible Super Adelie as they defend the planet against the evil Dr. Rumpt. 


We are so excited to be sharing with you how we can make this planet and little happier and a little greener.

the adventures of oscar and Adelie

Our first published book is now available!

Our Super Heroes embark into the city to protect the environment!

The EVIL Dr. Rumpt

Our Super Heroes encounter Dr. Rumpt, the evil villain who is spreading trash around the city.

Fun and Games

This adventure wouldn't be right without some laughs and bloopers along the way.

Purchase now from Queen Anne Book Company

Our new book is available online through Indie Bound or please contact our favorite local book store Queen Anne Book Company



Available for $10.50

We also have a Special Edition on ETSY where you get one FREE Super Hero bulk bag with each purchase of our book! 


Don't forget with each purchase we give a little to the environment!

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The Adventures of Oscar & Adelie


The Secret Super Hero Studio

The Super Hero Studio is located somewhere in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we often can be found exploring new trails and picking up the occasional discarded trash to clean up our planet.

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